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About sex and its secrets: interesting information !

Aug 24, 2019

Argument Sex: 10 curious information that you probably don’t know about sex, and which is not normally talked about.

Sex and its secrets: interesting information.

- The b side of men
The anal area of ​​men is the most sensitive erogenous zone for most men. But this is usually not allowed, perhaps because it is usually not stimulated and therefore they are not aware of it! Whoever starts practicing anal rimming will have a pleasant surprise!

- Early instincts
A very particular curiosity concerns the first erection of man. This is wounded when still in the fetus, at the third trimester of pregnancy. Doctors think that even females have some sort of stimulation, but it is not visible as in boys!

-The penis is fragile
The male penis is a very versatile organ but he too has the risk of breakage. Penile rupture can occur, which is caused by the sudden rupture of the corpora cavernosa during erection. it is a very painful wound that can happen especially when experiencing intense sexual relations or with alternative sexual positions. So the advice is to have fun but be careful not to overdo it! it is found that it can happen during relationships with escort: new positions and intense activity!

- Are you overweight? Last longer
it has been proven that overweight men last longer in sexual intercourse, in fact orgasm is reached on average 5 minutes later than a man with a normal build.
it is also true, however, that obesity negatively affects the quality of sexual life and desire.

- Sexual incompatibility
By now it is clear that size does not matter, but it is important how one uses one’s weapons. it has been found, however, that even if the sexual organs, both male and female, are very versatile, it can happen that there is an incompatibility between the two organs and this is a difficulty, which is problematic to overcome.

- Record of orgasms
Women, unlike men, have an anatomy that allows them to have multiple orgasms, especially if they practice.
The record obtained in a laboratory study got 134 orgasms in an hour !! What to say, it must have been a very busy hour!

-Do you know that small breasts can have advantages?
It has been shown that small breasts are more sensitive to stimulation and pleasure. We also add that even with the increase in age for women, sensitivity tends to progressively decrease.

- Size of the clitoris
The clitoris is comparable to an iceberg. What you see is the slightest part! Like the penis, it is an erectile body and has three times more nerve endings than the penis. Unlike the penis, it is an internal organ and can measure up to 10 cm in length and 3/6 cm in width. The clitoris also has a cap and a glans. Interesting, isn’t it?

- The loss of virginity.
This topic is always of great curiosity all over the world.
Usually women have a faster sexual maturation than males, but not in the approach to sex. The males in fact have the first experience at around 16 years, women instead after having turned 17 years old. It also appears that hereditary characters may also affect the age at which sex is first performed.
Surely, compared to the past, over the years we have seen a rapid lowering of the average age for the first sexual experience.

- Female ejaculation
The female ejaculation has remained a taboo for many years and is only being discovered in recent years, perhaps thanks to the sex industry that with its videos, has made men aware of this practice that goes beyond orgasm.
It is called Squirting in the jargon and consists of the spraying of a transparent liquid and indore that accompanies the contractions of the orgasm.
An effect often accompanied by the stimulation of the point G.
For many women there is not much practice in squirting, it takes a bit of practice and there must be the right harmony with the partner to get to experience this intense emotion!
More info for squirting >>>Wikipedia Female ejaculations

Did you enjoy these curious points about sex?
Now you will have new topics to talk about at the pub, with your friends!